December 08, 2014

☆ Appointment with the O&G Specialist☆


السلام عليكم 
Peace be upon you~~~~

My appointment with le O&G (Obsterical and Gynaecological) Specialist was a success!!!
Everything is fine.. Alhamdulillah...
Le baby is doing fine~~~

Le 'unusual' thing about my pregnancy that I kept on secret is

Le doctor found a cyst during my previous ultrasound scan...
 .........which is inside my below part of the right side of my abdomen...
So yeah... he referred me to the specialist...

Was a bit scared... I didn't expect I have a cyst,,
Didn't have knowledge about it...
Thankfully.. I got my husband on my back...

Search a lot about cyst... 
.....and it was a bit relief that I am not the only one.
 And.... it's not a big deal.

Le specialist assured me that the cyst will not affected my baby.
Plus, it's small ( 2cm) and located outside my uterus,

My EDD changed~~~~
Which is on 5 July 2015...

My baby is growing so fast~~♥

Free samples!!!~~♥

I miss my husband...A LOT!!!!
*crying inside*
He's away for a week...(offshore)
Hopefully, he will be back tomorrow.