October 27, 2015

☆ A Mother..I AM ☆


السلام عليكم


Almost a year since I blogged.

I have been blessed with a daughter.
She's almost 3 months... exactly 107 days from her born day.
♥ 13th July 2015 ♥

Me & my husband named her
Medina Qaisara.

♥ Medina - City
♥ Qaisara - Queen

Months of my pregnancy~~~
A lot of things happened to me.

CYST at my early stage of pregnancy.

I had dengue when I was almost 5 months of pregnancy.
Admitted for 5 days~~~~
Possibilities of miscarriage, due to the dropped level of platelets.

7 days overdue from my E.D.D.
I could hardly explained the pain I had to bear after the induce.

Not only that.
During my post-pregnancy term...
Medina had to be admitted a night before Eidul Fitri

Baby blues syndrome~~~

Medina was on-off cough & flu...

Sure I have loads of things to blog later on.

I'm not complaining~~~~
She's my precious daughter.

I'm blessed~~~

Medina...Ummi & Daddy love you~~~♥
Ummi is not that perfect to be your mother but Ummi will try the best for you~