December 08, 2014

☆ Appointment with the O&G Specialist☆


السلام عليكم 
Peace be upon you~~~~

My appointment with le O&G (Obsterical and Gynaecological) Specialist was a success!!!
Everything is fine.. Alhamdulillah...
Le baby is doing fine~~~

Le 'unusual' thing about my pregnancy that I kept on secret is

Le doctor found a cyst during my previous ultrasound scan...
 .........which is inside my below part of the right side of my abdomen...
So yeah... he referred me to the specialist...

Was a bit scared... I didn't expect I have a cyst,,
Didn't have knowledge about it...
Thankfully.. I got my husband on my back...

Search a lot about cyst... 
.....and it was a bit relief that I am not the only one.
 And.... it's not a big deal.

Le specialist assured me that the cyst will not affected my baby.
Plus, it's small ( 2cm) and located outside my uterus,

My EDD changed~~~~
Which is on 5 July 2015...

My baby is growing so fast~~♥

Free samples!!!~~♥

I miss my husband...A LOT!!!!
*crying inside*
He's away for a week...(offshore)
Hopefully, he will be back tomorrow.


November 26, 2014

☆Health Test☆


السلام عليكم & G'd day~~~~

Today... marks my 9th weeks of pregnancy...
Time flies so fast...

Yesterday, managed to have my medical check-up... 
My company is having a HSE Campaign this whole week...'s FREE

Just a typical check-up..
BMI... which I am overweight *sigh*
Blood Pressure..
Sugar Level..
Cholesterol Level..

Everything is fine... well, except my BMI.
Tho, since I'm's kinda 'normal' to gain extra weight and have a high pulse rate..
I still have to be a lil cautious on what I consume....

Morning...afternoon...evening sickness start to kick-in...
I can't stand the smell of oily-frying-thingy...
I can't even drink milk...which is kinda weird...
Because.. I LOVE MILK..
Well, not anymore..
I just want to lie on my bed.....
I sleep early,tho, it's still not enough...
Not in the mood to cook anymore..
Not in the mood to do chores...
I don't like the smell of my Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gio anymore...
I feel sick...body is not in the good condition..


Luckily...I'm still addicted with my husband's smell..
*Love him lots*

Next week..I'll be having an appointment with the O&G specialist.
*Pray for me*


November 17, 2014

☆ It Is Confirmed....☆

السلام عليكم
Previous entry~~~
I blogged on how I found out that I am pregnant...

So... Last Saturday, went to the clinic with my husband to confirm my pregnancy.
TBH, quite nervous about it..
My husband kept on reassuring me not to be worry... 
It was very helpful... tho, I still freaked out..
Palms were icy cold... 
Had to hold my pee since I need to keep my bladder, I could undergo le 
ultra sound scanning...
So... frankly, I wasn't able to keep my mind straight...

Arrived there around 8 something... 
I was the first patient.. waited for more than half an hour for doctor to come..
(Glad that my husband was there with me)


*Tiny lil creature~~pointed by le black arrow above*

My baby~~~
*crying out load with happiness*

My baby is now 7 weeks 5 days (as in today - 17th November 2014)
EDD: 1 July 2015
Which mean.. My expected due date: 1st July 2015..

Couldn't ask for more~~~I am happy about it...

Anyhow~~~le doctor referred me to the O&G specialist~~
He found something unusual about my pregnancy..
Tho, I was advised not to worry..

Done loads of research... I am at ease to be assured that it's a common
 thing to some women during pregnancy....

Yesterday, went to Mahnaz Food..
Heaven for Middle-East's foods, beauty products..etc..
My husband bought Gulsan's Pomegranate Extract, Pure Honey, 
Black Sun-dried Raisins and Black Cumin Seed (Habbatus Sauda) for me. 
Ain't that cheap...I told ya...
*Thank you cayang~~*

I've booked my appointment with the specialist this coming 5th December 2014...
*Pray for me and my baby*


November 13, 2014

☆ I Am..... ☆


السلام عليكم
Peace be upon you~~~

My marriage~~~~ almost 6 months.


Yes, I am pregnant.

I only confirmed it using UPT (Urine Pregnancy Test) when I missed my period for 4 days.
Faint line appeared...

I confirmed back when I missed my period for  7 days..

Still faint line..

Another UPT~~~~ when I missed my period for 14 days.

Clear line~~~


*cry out loud with happiness*

Today.. as on 13th November 2014.. I already missed my period for 20 days.
Starting to get morning sickness~~~

I am planning to make le pregnancy confirmation with doctor early next month.

*pray for me*

I shall end here~~~


November 10, 2014

☆ Hello~~~ ☆



Been neglecting le blog for such a long time...
Lots of things happened in my life.

New Job.
New Friends.
Found my Soul Mate.
Getting Married.
New Families.

(will be revealed on my next entry)

Revamped my blog (sorta..)
Tho, nothing much change. I just removed all my previous entries.

I shall end my entry with my wedding photo.