June 15, 2011

εïз Review: Bio Essence Tanaka White Range εïз

Second entry for tonight!

"Bio Essence Tanaka White Range"
I was about to blog on this range a week ago~
But.. as usual~~

Aye, here I go!

Starter Kit
Bio Essence Tanaka White
Bio Essence~~> skin care product from Singapore.

~Normal Price: RM29.90~
Drug store (Guardian) : RM 20.00

~ 6 products~
Gentle Cleansing Foam (30g)
Bright White Clarifying Softener (30g)
Rejuvenating Day Cream (10ml)
Renewal Night Cream (10ml)
The Whitening Essence
White Perfecting Sheet Mask

Gentle Cleansing Foam
Not very keen with this cleanser even though it smells so good.
It did remove the dirt on my face.
Turn off~>made my skin dry.

Bright White Clarifying Softener
Removed dirt perfectly and I could see it
clearly on my cotton pad.
Turn off~> my skin breaks out. =.=

I've just discovered that this softner is the one that made my skin
breaks out after I stopped using it 2 days ago


My skin is ruined.

Renewal Night Cream &
Rejuvenating Day Cream

Day Cream: I love it!!! No complaint.
Matte finish ~ after spreading it evenly on my face.
Not greasy. Yay for that!
Colour: Peachy

Night Cream: A bit watery but it moisturizes my face.
Still, not gonna repurchase it tho.
I'm using other product during night.
Colour: White

The Whitening Essence
This double essence is claimed to brighten (faster)
your skin. Reduce aging lines.
Not really, my fine lines near my eyes are still visible.
Repurchase? BIG NO!

White Perfecting Sheet Mask
The only product that I haven't tried.
Small pimples on my face, so..this gotta wait!

I haven't emptied the whole products yet~
Form all the range~ I might only repurchase
Rejuvenating Day Cream.

Scar pimples~please go away fast!



Dila said...

baru ingat nak try ni..thanks for the review^^

Ayu~Emma said...


No problem :)

Anonymous said...

you buy this in malaysia ,what is the name of the drugstore?

Ayu~Emma said...

Guardian. I think~ you can find it at Watson too~ Happy 'hunting' ^.^